Exhibition poster
"De la place forte au Monument : la restauration de la cité de Carcassonne au XIXe siècle". (From fortified town to Monument : the restoration of the City of Carcassonne in the XIXth Century). Permanent exhibition at the Count's Castle in the City of Carcassonne.
In the city castle the centre des monuments nationaux presents a permanent exhibition
"De la place forte au Monument : la restauration de la cité de Carcassonne au XIXe siècle" - which includes a large collection of documents. This exhibit is the first part of a historical, archaeological and architectural interpretation centre about the city from its beginnings. Through Eugène Viollet-le-Duc's drawings and water-colours, photographs, personal accounts, interactive computer stations and audio-visual presentations, the visitor is given the opportunity to discover a XIXth Century event which went beyond the desire to save an example of a fortified town to give birth to the idea of a national heritage. Today, this national treasure is a World Heritage site.

The exhibition brochure includes texts by specialists on the subject: Christiane Amiel, ethnologist ; Jean-Michel Martinat, historian of Aude Department films, Jean-Pierre Piniès, ethnologist; Olivier Poisson, senior heritage curator ; Philippe Satgé, education officer for heritage classes on the City of Carcassonne ; André Signoles, responsible for bibliographic research at the Direction régionale des Affaires culturelles du Languedoc-Roussillon (Languedoc-Roussillon department for cultural affairs).