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The Grande Caponière
balistraria, drawing  
Fights between gangs of children, from the city on the one hand and from Trivalle and the Barbican on the other, were one of the customs,

"Oh, it's always been like that, it was passed down from father to son"..
balistraria, drawing
"We climbed the length of the Grande Caponière. It was a fantastic place; a bit wild and it still is a bit rough. And, at that time, it was covered in bramble bushes. It was perfect for climbing up and attacking the city."
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"It was as if we lived in the castle. It was difficult to attack us. On our battlements, we were the strongest. We threw stones at them and spat on them from above the Côté Pavée postern. We had the upper hand, we were up high and they were below us.".
Child with helmet


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