Diagram: The Urban Area
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Rue Trivalle fountain
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Grape Harvest
The south facade's walls are bordered by countryside. Vineyards, fields, farms, this is the city's rural area.
To the north and west the fortifications follow the edge of the plateau. Tucked just beneath it are the Trivalle and Barbican districts. This is the reverse side of the city, an ambiguous world suspended between belonging and not belonging.
Jean-Pierre Cros-Mayrevieille, saviour of the city; Léopold Verguet, who pioneered its photographic recognition; Michel Jordy, creator of the hôtel de la cité, photographer and a fervent historian of the monument, were all born in these districts at the foot of the mound. Fascinated by the city, all three of them seem, in their work, to have been following a childhood dream of conquering and making their own, a territory that had only been half given to them.
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South Facade


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