Diagram: The Urban Area
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Interior of the hotel, photo  
Cl. B. Vaissière, in L'Hôtel de la cité, 1991  
The hotel's coat of arms
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The Castle with soldier and sentry box, postcard
A little city within the city, the Count's Castle has been, since its restoration, The site of symbolic ventures and appropriations. In 1918 it was still occupied by the military, today it is the domain of paying visitors. The castle doors are the frontier where the ordinary life of the citizens stops.
The luxurious Hôtel de la cité, developed at the beginning of the century by Michel Jordy, is another separate territory. Decorated in medieval style and catering to a prestigious clientele, it constitutes a different kind of castle within the city. Colette, Sir Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor...stayed there. The inhabitants of the city often liked to have their photographs taken in front of its door where well trained staff were stationed.
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The castle with the first guide


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  Cl. B. Vaissière, in L'Hôtel de la cité, 1991