Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.  
Vade Tower seen
from the west side.
Reconstitution : Ecole d'architecture de Charenton
 he Vade Tower was erected along with the Peyre Tower on the south-east facade following the siege of the city by Raimond Trencavel II in 1240. Its construction was finished in 1245. It is a circular tower (one of the fortification's biggest) with three levels on cross-ribbed vaults and two upper stories with floors reached by a spiral staircase set into the walls. Equipped with such domestic necessities as a well, fireplace, bread oven and latrines, it ensured a garrison's autonomy in time of war. It is the only one on the outer ramparts with sculpted decoration. This is confined to the crowns and features the Lamb of God and the Virgin with Child.


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