The Narbonnes, A. Sarniguet
    With their easels tucked under their arms painters, whether "professionals" or just amateurs, constantly visited the city which seemed to be an inexhaustible source of pictures. As an essential repository of memories, and undeniable source of inspiration for its inhabitants, the ancient citadel very quickly attracted Parisian artists like Poterlet who, in the 1860s, when the restoration work had barely begun, devoted more than twenty pieces to it. Following the Second World War, the effect of this phenomenon was that representations of the site became rather conventional.
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 The Town of the Past
 Romantic Visions
 Jean-Pierre Cros-Mayrevieille
 Eugène Viollet-le-Duc
 Léopold Verguet
 Michel Jordy
 Engravings and Drawings
 The Painter's Eye
 The Miniature City
 The City as Decor
 Medieval Times Rediscovered