The visit of the Cadets de Gascogne - a society of Parisian men of letters and artists originally from the South-West - to Carcassonne in 1898, marked the beginning of the development of the citadel as the chosen site for medieval reproductions. On that occasion, a great historical procession whose actors, dressed in XIIIth century costumes, paraded through the Lower Town before reaching the city and the grand finale. From then on identical processions took place, sporadically in the citadel when there were official visits or commemorative ceremonies. For about ten years, during August, besides a historical show, other medieval events, such as tournaments and scenes from medieval life are presented. More recently, for the "Fête du cochon" the merchants association, presented a re-enactment, in period costume, of the Legend of Dame Carcas, throwing the pig from the top of the ramparts.
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