The citadel, whose stonework decor challenged the imagination, soon became a film-maker's paradise. As early as 1908, Louis Feuillade made three short films there and Michel Jordy made postcards of some sequences. From then on the city was to be the site of a multitude of film shoots. The splendour of its towers and walls were used to represent other places (Le Miracle des loups, La Merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc, Robin des Bois…) and its dreamlike decor reflected medieval passions (La Fiancée des ténèbres). Alongside the cinema, theatrical productions were also to develop within the medieval walls. From 1908 historical plays were
         performed on the site of the ancient cloister. Shortly afterwards, bel canto was added to the repertoire. From the beginning, the site was typified by a mixture of styles: comedies and tragedies, ballets and operas, classical and popular concerts followed and accompanied each other through the eras.
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 The Town of the Past
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