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Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.   
The Narbonne Gate with
the Trésau Tower beside it
Reconstitution : Ecole d'architecture de Charenton
 he Narbonne Gate is the entrance to the eastern side of the fortified town. In addition to its military accoutrements it is equipped for comfort and prestige. Two high twin towers reinforced by overhangs designed to deflect attackers' projectiles are connected by a gatehouse inside which is the entrance passage protected by a double portcullis and a murder-hole. On the different floors of the construction loopholes ensured the crossbowmen's frontal and vertical shots. In the event of a war wooden hoardings supported by joists fixed into the walls could be quickly installed above the gate and on the coping of the towers to improve the active defence. The domestic equipment: salting tub, water tank, fireplace, show that the purpose was to be able to maintain a garrison for an extensive period in time of attacks or sieges. This is not just a remarkable construction planned for warfare. In fact, the rooms, built one above the other on the different levels, demonstrate the refinement of gothic architecture in the care taken with the tracery windows open to the town, with the cross-ribbed arches and the monumental fireplaces.


 The Inner Wall
 The Narbonne Gate
 The Saint-Nazaire Gate
 The Aude Gate
 The Rodez Gate
 The Bishop's Tower
 The Trésau Tower
 The Saint-Martin Tower
  The tracery windows in
the Chevaliers room on
the second floor of the
Narbonne Gate.
  Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.