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Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.   
The Rodez Gate on the north facade.
A section of the ancient curtain wall
can be seen on its right.
Reconstitution : Ecole d'architecture de Charenton
 he Rodez (or Bourg) Gate was constructed in the Late Empire curtain wall that connects the Marquière and Samson Towers. The arrow slits created in these towers' ancient bays at the end of the XIIIth Century ensured flanking fire and the defence of the medieval gate. Near this gate, traces of the wall that protected the Saint-Vincent suburb can be seen. Beyond the lists, on the outer wall, the Notre-Dame Barbican and the Mourétis Tower were the advanced posts protecting this gate.


 The Inner Wall
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 The Rodez Gate
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