Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.   
The Saint-Nazaire Gate from the
south. In the middle of the
photograph, the Saint-Martin Tower.
Reconstitution : Ecole d'architecture de Charenton
 here are only two square towers in the fortress: the Bishop's Tower and the Saint-Nazaire Tower. The door in the latter controlled access to the town from the south. The entire structure, in ruins, was partially rebuilt by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, between 1864 and 1866. Its double opening, protected by portcullises and heavy wooden doors encloses an angled passage designed to impede the action of a battering ram.


 The Inner Wall
 The Narbonne Gate
 The Saint-Nazaire Gate
 The Aude Gate
 The Rodez Gate
 The Bishop's Tower
 The Trésau Tower
 The Saint-Martin Tower
  The Saint-Nazaire Gate
abutting on the lists.
  Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.