Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.   
Room with vaulted ceiling
in the Trésau Tower.
Reconstitution : Ecole d'architecture de Charenton
 his tower, whose name is a reminder of the tax authorities that sat within its walls in the XIVth Century, dominates the north-east facade of the fortress close to the Narbonne Gate. Built during the reign of Philippe le Hardi (1270-1285), it is semi-circular and juts out over the lists, whereas its Flemish style gabled wall crowned with crenellated watch towers overlooks the walled town. Three of its floors have ribbed vaults, monumental fireplaces and archery slits c88-0881. The top two floors are essentially designed for active defence with groups of openings and a rampart walk protected by a parapet.


 The Inner Wall
 The Narbonne Gate
 The Saint-Nazaire Gate
 The Aude Gate
 The Rodez Gate
 The Bishop's Tower
 The Trésau Tower
 The Saint-Martin Tower
  The Trésau Tower with the Moulin du Connétable Tower behind.
  Cl. Alain Lonchampt © CNMHS, Paris.